3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Security Door

Standard doors are relatively ease for an intruder to breach, allowing them to gain entry to your home. However, because a security door is specially reinforced to prevent illegal entry, it can massively increase your personal safety and the safety of your belongings. If you are considering investing in a security door, there are a few things you should first consider to ensure the door is functional and secure.

The Climate

The majority of security doors are made of steel or reinforced wood panels, and the climate where you live will affect those materials differently. If you live in a humid climate, wooden doors will expand due to moisture entering the wood. This can cause problems when opening or closing the door as it no longer fits the frame properly. While steel will not expand in humid climates, it can be at risk of rusting unless it is properly treated. If you live in a humid climate a fibre glass door may be your best option.

Removable Panels

If you are installing a security door on the outside of your property, you may wish to invest in a model which features removable panels. During the hot summer months, this will allow you to remove the panels and install a security screen, which will allow air and light to enter your home while also keeping it secure. You can then easily replace the panels the colder months to keep out cold air and insulate your home.


When choosing a security door, discretion is the key, even though it might be tempting to install a door which looks like it is reinforced and super secure so that a burglar will take one look at the door and realise they will never be able to breach it. However, this may actually make your home stand out as a potential target, as it suggests that you own highly valuable items which you are trying to protect. Rather than picking a massive steal door with bars and an electronic security lock, you should instead opt for a door which has a wood veneer, which makes it look like any other door in your neighbourhood. This will help to prevent intruders attempting to break in just to see what you have to hide. 

If you are thinking of installing a security door, you should see expert advice from a security company to decide on the best door for your needs.

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How to Get Your Home Ready For a New Dog

If you are planning on bringing a dog home, you need to do a few things first to get prepared. These tasks simply make your home more dog-friendly, whether you are adopting a brand new puppy or an adult dog.

Have a Designated Dog Area

The first thing you should do is set up an area in your home specifically meant for the dog. They need their own space where they can feel safe and kept away from other pets or small children. This is especially important when you first bring the dog into your home. You don’t want to give it full reign of the house right away, both for training purposes and for the comfort of the dog. It doesn’t have to be an entire room, but a quiet space in your home with the dog’s food, water, blanket, toys, and a crate for optimal comfort.

Consider a Dog Run Outside

When you have a fenced yard, it is fine to let the dog out to run and play at its leisure. However, if you have an open yard that leads to nearby fields or a forested area, it is not safe to simply let your dog out. This is dangerous for the dog due to various wild animals you might have in the area; not to mention, you won’t know where the dog is headed. It is best that you have a dog run in this case. There are a variety of different sizes, from those that are placed on your lawn, to ones that go on the side of your house. It provides the dog a large space for going to the bathroom, running, jumping, and playing while also remaining in a safe, confined area.

Get a Pet Gate For the Stairs

If you have stairs in your home, getting a gate to keep the dogs downstairs is a great idea. This is used for multiple reasons. First of all, if you have a smaller dog, you might not want it struggling to get up the stairs. It might have short, stubby legs that make it difficult. Senior dogs might have arthritis or other bone issues that make stairs difficult. Another reason is because it keeps the dogs in a confined area, at least in the downstairs area. You may not want your dog roaming all through the house, especially when you’re not there to supervise.

Install a Pet Door

If you do happen to have a backyard that is fenced off, it can be very helpful to have a pet door. This lets your dog go out to use the bathroom whenever it chooses, without someone needing to be home or to take it out each time. This is a convenient option for both you and your dog. There are a lot of pet doors available that fit just about any space, and you can get help selecting the right one from a company like Mitchell Aluminium.

Consider implementing this information to make your home more comfortable for you and your new dog.  

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Reasons You May Require a New Opener for Your Garage Doors

Since garage door openers work with fairly uncomplicated mechanisms, they tend to have a significant lifespan. However, just because your garage door opener is in good condition does not mean that it is not time to upgrade it to a better model. With the technological advancements in the industry, modern mechanisms in the market not only work toward enhancing the security of your garage doors, but they also provide you with additional convenience. Here are some of the reasons why you may require a new opener for your garage doors.

Upgrading to an opener with a safety reversal mechanism

Older garage door openers did not come with a safety reversal mechanism. This mechanism works toward preventing any injuries in case someone may be under the garage doors when they are closing. The safety reversal mechanism also can prevent undue damage to any items that may be strewn on the garage floor as the doors as closing. With the safety reversal, there are two sensors installed at each end of the garage doors. These sensors communicate with a beam as the garage doors as closing. In the event the beam is interrupted when the garage doors are closing, the opener will stop the doors in its tracks.

Upgrading to a quieter garage door opener

Older garage door openers tend to operate quite noisily. This is because the older garage door openers would function using a chin drive. This looks similar to the chain systems find on bicycles. This can prove quite irritating if you need to open your garage doors in the dead of night. The good news is that you can make your garage doors inaudible by switching to a screw drive opener. These do not create as much noise making them a popular option for homeowners.

Upgrading to a securer garage door opener

Older garage door openers were easy to break into since they came with a fixed code for their remote control. Since there was only one passcode, it would be easy for a determined burglar to use specialised equipment to get the code and gain entry into your residence. With modern garage doors openers, you can be assured of a higher sense of security since they come with rolling passcodes. This means that the code is automatically changed each time the garage doors are used, thus decreasing the risk of experiencing a home invasion. The remote should be kept safe though as anyone who has it would have access to the garage.

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Different Ways Your Home Can Benefit From Roller Shutters

Window roller shutters can be a great addition to any type of home. Not only do they add a sense of style to your residence, but also they do not need much maintenance so you can be assured of them being hassle free. In addition to this, they are quite durable so you do not have to worry about replacing them before their time. There are numerous options to choose from when it comes to the materials they are manufactured from, ranging from vinyl, galvanized steel and aluminium roller shutters. Here are some of the benefits associated with both indoor and outdoor window roller shutters.

Protection from weather elements

Indoor and outdoor roller shutters provide your home with protection no matter the prevailing weather conditions. During the hot summer months, indoor roller shutters will keep the glaring light away and provide some insulation from the heat. During the cold winter months, they will retain the heat in the house, making them an energy efficient option for your windows. Depending on the innate strength of the materials they are made from, outdoor roller shutters can also provide protection from escalated winds and air borne debris. This is especially important for homes that are located in hurricane prone locations.


Another advantage of roller shutters is that they provide your home with absolute privacy. This can go a long way in deterring potential burglars as they would not be ascertain of what is in your residence. Once your roller shutters are down, nobody will have the ability to peek through your windows. Since some burglaries tend to be opportunistic rather than planned, you can rest assured that your residence is not under any undue risk simply because someone spotted the valuables in your home.

They come in a range of options

Roller shutters provide you with a range of options without having to settle for a bland design. A common misconception that homeowners had is that since their primary function is security, roller shutters will negatively affect the curb appeal of your home. The truth of the matter is that their pre-manufactured options come in a myriad of colours to choose from, thus guaranteeing that you will find something that will complement the exterior of your residence.

Easy control of the shutters

Lastly, another advantage of roller shutters is that you get to choose between manual or motorized control of them. Homeowners would definitely benefit from motorized roller shutters as you get to control them with a single click of a button. Hence, you do not have to worry about them being too cumbersome to keep opening and closing as you wish.

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Tips for Installing Frameless Glass Shower Screens

If you are thinking about improving your bathroom space, you should consider installing a frameless glass shower enclosure. This is an ideal feature because it will separate your shower area from the bathroom. In simple terms, the screen will prevent unnecessary splashing of water around the room. Moreover, the glass enclosure can improve the aesthetics of the bathroom, giving it a more upscale look.

It is advisable to engage a professional installer for your frameless shower screen. The feature is hard to set up, so the professional will make certain that the enclosure is durable and stable. Still, it is important to be informed about the important aspects of the screen set-up. Here are some simple tips to consider during the frameless glass shower screen installation.

Choosing Shower Kerbs

You should think about a shower kerb in relation to your frameless glass enclosure installation project during the design and planning stages. The kerb is essentially a raised edge where the potential shower space will meet the rest of the bathroom space. You can choose to use this feature or install the glass flush against the existing floor. The latter option is ideal for your home if there is a family member with a physical disability.

The flat floor will make the new enclosure more accessible. On the other hand, a shower kerb will prevent the flow of water from the enclosure to the bathroom floor. If you decide to install the kerb, ensure that the edge is sloped slightly inwards. This will encourage the splashing water to flow back into the enclosure and down the drain.

Provide Wall Support

The frameless glass enclosure will be created using heavy panels of glass. If these are not supported properly, the structure will fail and result in financial losses. Your manufacturer will provide hinges and brackets to anchor the glass panels to the walls. However, you must make sure that your bathroom walls can handle the pressure. It is advisable to install blocking or wood studs behind the wall, in the area where the hinges will be connected. This will reinforce the wall to provide resilient, long-term support for the enclosure.

Consider Door Swing

It is critical to ensure that the shower screen door will swing appropriately when the door is opened. Ideally, the door should swing outwards for safety and expediency because you can push the door easily in an emergency. You can also install a door that swings inwards and outwards freely. However, hinged shower doors that only swing inwards are hazardous and impractical.

For more information, contact a local shower screen installation company or visit sites like http://www.justglass.com.au

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3 Reasons Why the Springs on Your Garage Door May Break

Your garage is most likely where you store your vehicle and allows for easy entry into your home. This means that you open and close your garage door many times each day. You might assume that your garage door opener does all the work, but it is actually the torsion springs that are built into the design of your garage door that are responsible for a majority of the heavy lifting. When your garage door stops functioning properly, the main culprit of the problem is more than likely the torsion springs. It is important to understand what the main reasons are behind your broken garage door torsion springs.

Normal Wear

The biggest reason why your torsion springs will begin to fail is due to normal wear and tear. Even though the spring system within your garage door is specifically designed to withstand much use, there is a maximum amount of use. This means that torsion springs are not designed to last forever. After so many cycles of opening and closing, they will begin to wear. It is possible to have torsion springs with extended life spans fitted for you garage door. This is an option that you should consider if your garage door is opened and closed continuously each day. Those with extended life spans can last longer than typical torsion springs.


Rust is another common reason why torsion springs on garage doors begin to fail. When rust begins to develop on the surface of the spring, it will alter the durability of the entire spring system. Rust is responsible for increasing the amount of friction and results in the structure of the torsion spring beginning to break down at a faster rate. You can help to lessen the occurrence of rust by spraying your torsion springs with WD-40. This will limit the amount of rust that occurs and also help to lessen the friction. It is suggested that you spray your torsion springs a few times each year as a form of maintenance.

Inferior Design

The highest quality garage doors feature two torsion springs to allow for the optimal lifting results. There are some cheaper garage door alternatives that only feature one torsion spring. If your garage door only has one spring, this will result in the spring wearing at a faster rate. Torsion springs already wear overtime, but if your garage door is inferior in design, it will break much sooner.

For more information, contact a local garage door repair company like AAA Panels & Garage Doors

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Tips for Increasing the Safety and Security of Your Home’s Garage

As a homeowner, you should be concerned about the safety and security of your home’s garage and especially if it’s an attached garage. A thief can easily break in through unsecured garage doors in Melbourne and steal your car, lawn care equipment, sporting goods, and other valuables; in an attached garage, they can then also easily break into your home. Homeowners often overlook the security of their garage when adding security features to other areas of the home, so note a few tips for increasing safety in this area.

1. Install remote apps on your phone

Remote apps that you use on your phone or tablet can allow you to ensure that your garage door is closed when you’re away. If you tend to rush out of the house in the morning or neglect to close the door when you go out for the evening, a remote app that is connected to your garage door opener will allow you to close the door even when you’re on the road, keeping the space secure.

2. Use security cameras

Security cameras are commonly installed on a homeowner’s property today but they may not be aimed at the garage; many homeowners aim them at entryways and this is a good choice, but it’s also good to invest in one more camera or one that sweeps and turns enough to bring the garage door into focus. The sight of a video camera can often be enough to scare away intruders and if they see that the camera covers the garage entrance, they may not attempt to break in this way.

3. Reprogram your remote

Your remote garage door opener uses a code that interacts with the main unit inside the garage; it’s easy enough for a potential thief to copy this code when you use your remote. Change the code often and consider investing in a remote that automatically and randomly changes the code on its own so it can’t be used by someone else.

4. Add an invisible fence

An invisible fence is often used in pool areas, to sound an alarm if someone were to get close to the pool without your permission. These are sensors that are buried in the ground and which then sound an alarm if someone crosses their border. You can put an invisible fence around your garage’s perimeter so that it will alert if someone is getting close to the garage. This will scare off intruders before they even attempt to break into the garage itself.

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What type of automatic doors should you choose?

Before adding automatic doors to your restaurant, hotel or facility, you must know all about them. There are different types, designed for different purposes. In general, choosing automatic doors is a wise decision that can improve your hospitality and leave a positive impression on your customers. Due to the fact these doors are designed for just one specific application, there are different types.

Save energy with low energy automatic doors

Low energy automatic doors have a button that needs to be pushed so the door will open. In most cases, these are sliding or swinging doors. They are specially designed for handicapped people, so they include signage that tells people these are accessible openings for people in wheelchairs. In most cases, these doors use an electric motor to push or open the door. Due to the fact that low energy automatic doors are designed for handicap people, they must operate slowly and with minimal force.

Get the best with high energy automatic door systems

High energy automatic doors are complex and more expensive than low energy door systems. They are available in several different configurations. These include sliders, swingers, telescoping and bi-parting. Also, all of them must include an egress sensor, a threshold protection sensor and an approach sensor.

Automatic swinging doors

This type of automatic doors includes 2 doors. When they open, one of them swings outward and another swing inward. This is a useful feature that allows traffic in both directions. Automatic swinging doors have overhear and door mount sensors. The installation also includes: control mats, guide rails, safety signage and sensors.

Automatic folding doors

This type of automatic doors is perfect for facilities that don’t have a lot of space. The system has 2 or more separate panels. Pedestrians have a perfect visibility of the door. It is recommended not to install vending machines or anything else, close to the doors that can distract pedestrians from the moving door.

Automatic sliding doors

Automatic sliding doors provide two-way traffic. They can be pushed and swing in a case of emergency. This feature is also known as “breakaway”. All potential customers should know that this type of doors requires slide room. In addition, automatic doors must always include: control mats, sensors and safety signage.

When choosing an automatic door system, a customer must choose the type that will be appreciated by the visitors to his facility. In general, all automatic door systems are appreciated and recommended upgrade.

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